Caring for a child with a disability can be overwhelming. Simple tasks of daily life, like going grocery shopping or cleaning the house, can become very difficult. Respite care is temporary care for persons with disabilities that is intended to provide assistance to a family to prevent burnout and family disintegration. Respite gives families an important pause from daily routines, essential for the mental, physical and spiritual maintenance of both the caregiver and their loved ones.

Since not all families have the same needs, respite should be geared toward individual family needs including parents, siblings and sometimes even grandparents.

Recreation and leisure activities are also a critical dimension of the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. These activities help children with disabilities meet new friends and develop skills and competencies. Traditionally, respite and recreation are given low priority as an area in which support and assistance are provided.

“She is a tree of life for those who hold fast to her, and happy are those who support her.”

Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers 3:18

Aleph Home Care of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey is a program that provides individuals and families with convenient access to a spectrum of home care services in the comfort of their own.  Aleph Home Care provides respite care which is a means of support, companionship, and an essential part of the overall support that families and caregivers need.  Aleph Home Care’s staff includes certified home health aides, homemakers, registered nurses, certified senior advisors and companions. Aleph’s professionals meet with clients and families to evaluate the best way to meet their individual home care needs, and create and implement a personalized plan of care designed to improve quality of life. Respite care from Aleph provides families individuals with added peace of mind knowing their loved ones are receiving companionship and care while providing the caregiver with security and a break.

Below is a listing of additional resources for respite in Southern New Jersey: