A home of one’s own, either rented or owned, is the cornerstone of independence for any individual. Many people with disabilities face tremendous difficulties in getting and keeping adequate housing. They face obstacles like discrimination, inaccessible construction and unaffordable housing. There are many government supports for home ownership and rental housing to help you find a desired living arrangement.

Housing will probably be your largest monthly expenditure. Prior to living independently, one should develop a monthly budget that calculates income and expenses for housing, utilities, transportation, et cetera.

“Who is rich? He/she who rejoices in his/her portion.”

Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers

New Jersey Resources

The State of New Jersey offers no cost in home behavioral and mental health services to eligible families and their children that are funded through Medicaid funding.  To access the services, parents or guardians must call Performcare at 877-652-7624 to begin this process.  The PerformCare staff will completed an intake over the phone and if needed, will contract with a provider to complete a more comprehensive assessment.  If deemed appropriate, the child will be assigned a local CMO (Care Management Organization) worker.  Services are reviewed periodically to determine continued need.  All out of home placements such as group homes, residential treatment facilities, independent living facilities, etc. are done through this process.  The CMO will exhaust all in home resources before authorizing an out of home placement.  Once the decision has been made, the child’s strengths and needs assessment is put onto a secure online system through PerformCare for different agencies that run the various facilities to review to see if your child fits their criteria (e.g. some facilities only serve boys or only serve females, or work with only certain types of diagnoses, etc.).