The Jewish Federation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with special needs. We believe they should have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential, and lead independent, and fulfilled lives as members of our South Jersey community. We offer programming onsite at the Jewish Community Campus at 1301 Springdale Road and at our new Federation Annex at 1721 Springdale Road, and offsite at other locations throughout the community.

“Who is rich? He/she who rejoices in his/her portion.”

Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers

Jewish Education

Our mission for special education is to help Jewish schools and institutions provide appropriate formal Jewish education for children with special needs. There are many children who are unable to function in the school systems without extra help. While the public schools have long since been addressing these issues, the Hebrew schools and Jewish day schools have not had the funds to do so. Therefore, many Jewish children were left out when it comes to Jewish learning and simply are not afforded the opportunity to socialize with their Jewish peers and learn about our traditions and culture in a formal atmosphere.

Partly funded by the Raymond & Gertrude R. Saltzman Foundation, the Special Needs Jewish Education grant allows every Jewish child in our community the opportunity for a Jewish education. The Department of Jewish Education (DJE) works closely with the synagogue schools throughout the year to make certain each child gets the help and/or supplies needed in the school of his or her choice.

The DJE offers seminars throughout the school year to our community teachers allowing them the opportunity to learn to work more efficiently with children with special needs.

  • Families can be comfortable joining the synagogue of their choice because our program makes sure that each child receives no matter which school he or she attends.
  • We have an annual grant from the Raymond & Gertrude R. Saltzman Foundation to support children with special needs.
  • We work with all of the local religious schools.


Fran Twersky, Principal, Ner Tamid

“…Because of the funding we receive from your program, we are able to hire qualified teachers and aides who assist our children with special needs so that our children can participate fully in our programs and activities. Having our students participate in our school both academically and socially greatly enhances their self esteem.” 

Wendy Marder, Educational Director, B’nai Tikvah

“When a hearing impaired child entered our program mid-year, the DJE found us a wonderful interpreter and procured funds quickly so that the child was able to become a part of our school immediately. Each year, the funding from the DJE has led us to hire extra people to allow our students with special needs to learn in a better way.”