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Childhood Mental Health Symposium

Special Guest: New Jersey Senator Troy Singleton

Audience: Medical and Mental Health Professionals, Education Professionals, Families and Undergrad and Graduate Students.

Join us as psychiatrist Dr. Anthony Rostain and neurologists Dr. Lawrence Brown and Dr. Michael Rubinstein from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania and the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia provide the latest information on childhood and adolescent mental health disorders and discuss appropriate treatment plans.

What is Transition Planning for a Teen with an ASD Diagnosis?

Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger Institute STAR TRAININGS (Sharing Treatment and Autism Resources)

This presentation is for parents who have teens with ASD who are planning for a transition from school to college, employment, and/or community. Transition planning can be confusing and here is an opportunity to learn about the process. Resources will be shared.


Life Skills Program at CARD

Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger Institute
STAR Sharing Treatment and Autism Resources

The purpose of this presentation is to provide information to families and professionals about the Life Skills Program at CARD, a short-term treatment program that focuses on increasing youth's independence within functional everyday activities as well as underlying sensory motor components that might impact self-care performance.

Bullying, Harassment, & Intimidation of Children with Disabilities

Workshop Descrption: The presenter will provide an overview of federal and state law and regulations, guidance from the federal government, and policies about bullying, harassment, and intimidation. The presenter will discuss how to address the issue in home, school, and the community, as well as provide tips for service providers and families.

Learning Objectives/Goals:

Discipline of Students with Disabilities in Maryland Public Schools

Workshop Descrption: The presenter will provide an overview of school discipline in Maryland, including the laws governing school discipline. The presenters will discuss the types of suspensions and expulsions and the process to appeal a suspension or expulsion. The presenters will provide information about additional protections for students with disabilities and recent Maryland legislation related to school discipline.

Learning Objectives/Goals:

Special Education Law Overview

Workshop Description: The presenter will provide an overview of special education law and additional protections provided to students under Maryland law. The presenter will also provide an overview of Maryland State Department of Education guidance and technical assistance bulletins and share online special education law resources.

Learning Objectives/Goals:


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